Develop the Mindset and Skills for Everyday Problem Solving
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"The first chapter: ABSOLUTELY MOTIVATIONAL!!!!!! I'm inspired & motivated to do things differently. I can't wait to read the rest!!! Thank you for waking up what has been lying dormant."

- Janice C, Cape Town, South Africa.

"The ability to effectively apply problem solving skills transcends continents. Although I live across the Indian Ocean, I particularly enjoyed what I read in Chapter 1 which then inspired me to want more, both from the book and life in general. Thanks Maria."

- Jacqui P, Perth, Australia.

"Wow! I'm impressed. It is easy to read and holds one's attention. Looking forward to the rest."

- Auré C, Table View, South Africa.

"What is nice about Chapter 1 is this... it is doable... not complicated... shows the sensitivity of a woman."

- Jon B, Bellingham, WA, USA

"This first chapter is very encouraging. Could the rest of the book spell out guide lines to attaining The Secret? I'm very keen to find out."

- Taylor H, Boston, MA, USA

"Quite a good read. The 5 steps resonate with me; this guide may be the key to my transformation. I await its release with anticipation."

- Andrew M, Richmond, England, UK

Are you overwhelmed by problems?

Is the ability to s t r e t c h time on your wish list because you can't find even a minute to do what you really want?

Do you ever experience a momentary lapse of intelligence when you need it most?

Would you give your eyeteeth to be able to handle change without fear and trepidation?

Now YOU can...

Develop the mindset and skills for everyday problem solving in 90 days or less...

Allow your inherent confidence to break free - problem solving exercises your mind and skyrockets your self-esteem.

Maria Tiffin

From the desk of Maria Tiffin, Cape Town

Dear Fellow Life Traveller

Like you, I've encountered problems all my life.

And, probably just like you, was unsuccessful many, many times in finding a good solution.

Some problems were huge, real mind-bogglers (like my late husband, Ted, becoming paralysed by a virus after 15 months of marriage!), while others were run-of-the-mill everyday problems.

I was shocked to realize that my pessimism was CREATING problems for myself...

... Unlike Ted, always the supreme optimist.

He managed to have fun and breezed through life despite his disabilities and the problems he faced daily.

This startling insight that I was sabotaging myself with my pessimistic outlook on life, led me to start studying the effect attitude has on the ability to face challenges.

For over 40 years I have...

  • Read books on mind power
  • Attended workshops and seminars
  • Studied people
  • But more importantly... I studied myself.

I took the time to learn who I was, what beliefs I held, listened to my self-talk, made the conscious choice to change my thoughts and then...

I transformed... renewed myself.

Where once I was a shy pessimist battling to cope, I'm now a self-confident optimist brimming with self-esteem who finds life to be a magical adventure.

And so can you be, if you choose.

I've been there... I understand how you feel.

Life can be a scary place especially today in our global village of constant change. And I understand that it's not easy to embrace change, nor is it easy to change yourself.

But take it from me; the effort is really worth it and the results are mind-blowing.

I'm living proof of that... I've become an expert problem solver.

Have YOU ever wondered what expert problem solvers have in common?

The result of using critical thinking in problem solving is an important step, but there are many more attributes to adopt that are proven to develop the mindset and skills of a problem solver.

Like imagining...

Imagining and problem solving techniques are vital in facing the challenges in your changing world.

Visualisation is one technique I teach you that is used with electrifying success by various people such as:

  • High-ranked sportsmen and women
  • The top echelon of multi-national companies
  • Medical patients with various conditions
  • Entrepreneurs around the world
  • Students who consistently make the grade

All winners... all great achievers without exception!

You, too, can be a great achiever. Yes, you can!

There are many other attributes that distinguish a good problem solver from a poor problem solver and I reveal these in my e-book The Guide to SMART Thinking.

YOU deserve to be a SMART thinker!

I want you to experience the exhilaration that comes with knowing you can face any challenge that comes your way, like I do. I want you to feel and sustain the rush of problem solving, as I do.

  • Want to develop your true potential?

  • Why not break out of the current mindset that is holding you back?

What limiting attitude prevents YOU from learning the most in a new situation?

Let me list a possible few:

  • You're in a rut
  • Self-doubting
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Are anxious
  • Pessimistic
  • Ignore sensory inputs
  • Are afraid to ask questions

I will show you how to learn more about who you really, really are and where you want to be.

You have a powerful subconscious mind that does your bidding. It works to manifest the people, circumstances and opportunities necessary to fulfill your deepest-felt wishes.

Your subconscious acts on your negative thoughts, if your mindset is negative. But the good news is that a positive mindset produces positive results.

Learn this awesome fact, do the necessary work, and you will become the person you always intended to be...

In The Guide to SMART Thinking I reveal the 5 exercises that helped me achieve my problem solving expertise.

I also reveal exercises in creativity that stimulate your intuitive right brain... simple tests of creativity that sharpen your mind.

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said: "Creativity always means the doing of the unfamiliar, the breaking of new ground."

Do you fancy yourself as a new-ground breaker?

For a few years prior to retiring, I was breaking new ground career-wise, as the national organization for whom I worked designed and adopted a new computer system.

It was my main duty during that time, as an accountant...

  • To identify and ensure that glitches in the system were ironed out.

  • The reporting was correct.

  • The users followed the proper work processes.

In short, I was a troubleshooting problem solver!

But what prompted me to write this guide and share with you what I've learned about problem solving over the years?

A comment passed by my ex financial manager...

... He told me I was the best troubleshooter he'd ever worked with and the only person he knew who pays such great attention to detail, and yet also has in mind 'the big picture'.

But that wasn't always so, and now YOU can benefit from decades of my putting into practice what I learnt from my research.

My e-book will guide you to transform and renew yourself... in only 90 days or less.

Let me help you to develop the mindset and skills to solve everyday problems really fast, so that you transform yourself to be an extraordinary person able to do extraordinary things.

Develop the Mindset and Skills for Everyday Problem Solving

The Guide to SMART Thinking is THE guide
that shows you:

     How to get to know your beliefs and who
     YOU are.

     How to evaluate those beliefs - do they
     empower or limit you?

     How to change beliefs that don't serve
     you into magnetic beliefs.

These magnetic beliefs attract endorphins, those feel-good mood elevators that are released whenever you experience positive emotions.

I show you how to work WITH your brain chemistry so your BEST thoughts, attitudes and emotions are encoded in your brain, helping you to BE the BEST 24/7.

Millions and millions of people have the priceless gift of being in control of their lives. They possess the self-esteem to face life's challenges and problems with great aplomb.

Why not YOU?

The truth about problem solving is so simple...

Adopt the attributes of a problem solver by changing your thoughts in order to change your beliefs.

And I show you step-by-step how to achieve just that!

But that's not all!

I also focus on teaching you 5 proven ways to transform you from someone who feels frustrated and inadequate, to an extraordinary you with the mindset and skills of an inventive and effective problem solver.

Practice and perfect the techniques I show you and you WILL become a creative problem solver.

Believe it.

I 'grow' problem solvers to cope with the daily challenges of life.

That's what you want, right?

And yet you may feel that you're not sufficiently informed.

For instance you may not know that the latest research has shown that the nature of logic and critical thinking is inextricably linked.

Now you're probably thinking: "Well, that cuts me out! I'm not logical."

Relax... problem solving requires both left and right brain thinking, and the process involves moving from the logical, step-by-step left-brain approach to the creativity and intuition of the right brain, there and back again.

And my proven techniques will ensure that you become an thinker - a SMART thinker - a winner at using both sides of the brain easily and effectively.

Do you still feel trapped by feelings of inadequacy?

Break out!

Let go!

Problem solving exercises, especially those you adopt in order to develop new habits, will work the magic of transformation for you.

Practice daily for 90 days various techniques I offer you. You'll be blown away by the new, self-confident you!

In The Guide to SMART Thinking I write that everyday problem solving is the key to personal success in our changing world.

What can problem solving do for you?

Problem solving:

  • Jacks up your self-esteem leading to tremendous success in your career, relationships and financial matters.

  • Relieves stress so that you achieve better health and happiness.

  • Unleashes problem-solving expertise that really looks impressive on your résumé.

  • Results in more leisure time - more time to play golf, shop till you drop, take a walk in the park or whatever.

  • Teaches you to think better which means you achieve extraordinary things with little effort.

  • Leads to easier ways to do a job so that you work SMARTer, not harder... you accomplish so much more than your peers.

  • Empowers you... which results in you being regarded as a valuable asset in the workplace and your community.

Are you excited yet? Can you see yourself as happy and successful, with the knowledge that you are admired for your abilities and positive attitude?

In addition, problem solving also:

  • Creates new neural pathways in your brain which means you become SMARTer.

  • Boosts your creativity that, in turn, energises your mind, body and spirit.

  • Uses mental energy so effectively that solutions to your problems easily break free - problem solving exercises your mind naturally.

  • Is tremendous fun therefore you get to enjoy learning and have a happy time anticipating the perfect problem solution.

  • Establishes you as a role model, which means family and friends, admire your mental creativity, and are proud of you.

  • Causes great satisfaction - you're a happy camper when you help yourself and others with problems.

If you're anything like I was, when I always considered a glass to be half-empty, and then woke up to the exhilarating idea that the glass could be, AND WAS, half-full...

... You'll say to yourself... hmmm... this change of attitude could really work for me!

The Guide to SMART Thinking is a book that will transform your life.

Step-by-step you will be guided to identify those attributes, beliefs and thoughts that are preventing you from leading the best life you are capable of...

... And step-by-step you will learn how to substitute those negatives for mind-blowing, powerful SMART thoughts.

But don't take my word for it - make your own evaluation. Sign up for FREE to read a chapter of The Guide to SMART Thinking right now, if you prefer to try before you buy...

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This is a private mailing list and it will NEVER be sold or given away for any reason

You can remain in the rut you're in, or you can choose to transform and renew yourself, like I did.

What do you say?

This is your chance to become a new YOU, better able to deal with everyday problems and challenges, better able to deal with life.

Warm regards
Maria Tiffin

P.S. Remember the choice is yours. You may choose to do nothing, change nothing, and nothing in your life changes.

P.P.S. Or you may choose instead to invest in yourself by purchasing The Guide to SMART Thinking for the introductory price of only $7.70. Click on the Buy Now button below to get your copy.

Develop the Mindset and Skills for Everyday Problem Solving